Welcome to the UK Adhesion Society website The First UK Adhesion Meeting was held in 1996 at the ICRF in London. The symposium was organised to fill a perceived deficiency within the UK, of forums available for discussion and exchange of ideas on the role of adhesion molecules and intercellular interactions in immune and inflammatory function. The first meeting coincided with exciting discovery of the multi-step adhesion cascade which supports the traffic of leukocytes from the circulation into tissues. It provided a platform for the discussion of rapidly changing new ideas. Being organised in the main by leukocyte biologists, early meetings had a strong bias towards the role of adhesive processes in regulating leukocyte interaction with the blood vasculature and the tissue stroma, although adhesion and migration in other biological systems were addressed, so that UK Adhesion saw fit to extend its remit to the many aspects of adhesion relevant to physiology and pathophysiology. Recent meetings have discussed adhesion in neuronal biology, metastasis, angiogenesis, stem cell trafficking…..the list goes on, and is not exclusive of any branch of the biological sciences where ‘adhesion’ plays an important role. UK adhesion has always had strong links with other European Adhesion Societies, and regular joint meetings take place with our German, Dutch and Italian colleagues. See also: BMS, a society with shared interests: designed by Scienceposters.co.uk